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Video Khalid Al-Walid yg begitu mengasihi Rasulullah s.a.w..Bagaimana dgn anda?(Watch it!!)

I`m totally speechless after watching this video... Subhanallah...Have you watch this vid? You`ve got to watch it! ..This vid is actually a TV commercial telling the story of Khalid Al-Walid and his unwavering love for Rasululllah s.a.w. It is said that Khalid, in the middle of a battle, stopped fighting to look for his helmet where he had kept the strands of Prophet Muhammad`s(s.a.w) hair. (Why can`t Malaysia has this kind of commercial on TV? Negara Islam Hadhari la kononnye, i`ve seen a lot of craps on TV and rubbish + pointless Malay movies..we suppose to have more of these kind of adverts on TV to spread the message of Islam, maybe somebody should start it..TV advertisements is the easiest and most effective way to deliver the message of Islam!)

Khālid ibn al-Walīd (592-642) (Arabic: خالد بن الوليد) also known as Sayf-'ullah al-Maslul (the Drawn Sword of God, God's Withdrawn Sword, or simply Sword of God), was one of the two famous Muslim generals of the Islamic Rashidun army during the Muslim conquests of the 7th Century. (See also: 'Amr ibn al-'As.) He is noted for his military prowess, commanding the forces of Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and those of his immediate successors of the Rashidun Caliphate; Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab.He has the distinction of being undefeated in over a hundred battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Byzantine Roman Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, and their allies, he is regarded as one of the finest military commanders in history. His greatest strategic achievements were his swift conquest of the Persian Empire and conquest of Roman Syria within three years from 633 to 636, while his greatest tactical achievements were his successful double envelopment maneuver at Walaja and his decisive victories at Firaz, Ullais and Yarmouk.

Khalid ibn Walid was from the Meccan tribe of Quraish, who opposed Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and he played a vital role in their victory at the Battle of Uhud. He accepted Islam, however, and joined Muhammad(Peace be upon him) after the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and commanded various expeditions for him, such as the Battle of Mu'tah. After Muhammad(Peace be upon him)'s death, he played a key role in commanding Medinan forces for Abu Bakr in the Ridda wars, the capture of the Sassanid Arab client Kingdom of Al-Hirah, and the defeat of the Sassanid Persian forces during his conquest of the Persian Empire. He then crossed the desert to capture the Byzantine Arab client state of the Ghassanids during his conquest of Roman Syria. Even though Umar later relieved him of high command, he remained the effective leader of the forces arrayed against the Byzantines during the early stages of the Byzantine-Arab Wars. Under his command, Damascus was captured in 635 and the key Arab victory against the Roman Byzantine forces was achieved at the Battle of Yarmuk (636), which led to the conquest of the Bilad al-Sham (Levant).

Saifullah (by Brothers)

Ketika gurun rindu kebenaran
Sesat dan noda
Kezaliman punca kuasa dilestarikan

Gurun ketar menunggu kelahiran
Seorang insan
Belum tahu hati budi
Diuji makam diri

Engkau tak mampu melawan takdir
Telah pun tertulis di alam kekal
Kau tak meminta atau ditanya
Memusuhi iman atau sebaliknya

Saifullahul maslul dan cahaya
Menghapuskan kejahilan
Saifullahul maslul panji-panji
dan musyrikin berserakan

Engkau tinggalkan kekayaan dunia
Kerana cinta pada Alloh pada rasul pada muslimin
Kau digelar pedang Alloh yang terhunus
Impikan syahid itu bukan keputusanmu

Menghapuskan kejahilan
Dan musyrikin berserakan

Saifullahul maslul menyentuhmu
Mencalarkan mereka tak mampu
Saifullahul maslul rindu syahid
Namun kau pergi dalam perbaringan

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In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.
All praise is due to Allah.
May Allah send His peace and blessings upon the beloved Messenger (SAW) and upon his companions, his family, and all who follow his guidance until the Day of Judgment.

This campaign is an effort by the Muslims to honor the man who is more beloved to us than our families, friends, and even our own selves. We as Muslims are humbled and honored to present this movement to revitalize and spread the awareness of the Allah's Mercy to Mankind, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

With the Will of Allah, to help make this campaign a monumental success, please respond to this video with any video of your own about the Last Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him. You are welcome and encouraged to respond with many videos: the more the better.

May Allah accept this effort from all of us who participate.

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May the Peace and Blessings of Allah, Glorified and Exalted, be upon our honorable master, teacher, role-model, father-figure, and most beloved creation of Allah, the Final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

And all praise is always and forever due to Allah.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Renewal of detention of 13 Muslim Brotherhood leaders

The State Security Prosecution today decided to renew the detention of thirteen Muslim Brotherhood members for a further 15 days after being arrested in an unjustified crackdown on May 14th, where they with may stand before the prosecutor on July 8th.

The MB detainees are: Dr. Osama Nasr al-Din ( a member of MB Executive Bureau), Dr. Hussam Abu Bakr ( Head of the MB administrative office in East Cairo), Dr. Ibrahim Mustafa, Eng. Hisham Saqr (Cairo), Ashraf Abdel-Samee, Dr. Mohamed Saad Alioua (Giza), Ali Abdel-Fattah, Dr. Issam Al-Haddad (Alexandria), Mohamed Ezzbawi, Mahmoud Al-bara (Gharbia), Al-Husseini Mohammad Al-Shami Eng. Hassan Shaalan (Dakahliya), and Islamic writer Waleed Shalabi (Al-Sharqia)

On this note the Muslim Brotherhood lawyers lodged an appeal against the detention order of Dr. Amir Bassam, a MB high-ranking leader in Al-Sharqia at the end of May, after being held for more than a week in Bilbeis Police Station despite the decision of his release by the Supreme State Security Prosecution. However, the hearing on the petition has not yet been determined.

It is worth mentioning that the State Security Services raided the headquarters of faculty members of Assiut University and arrested Dr. Bassam on the 23rd of April 2009. The State Security Prosecution overruled twice that he remained in custody on charges of supporting the Palestinians during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Dr. Bassam was one of those placed in custody in the famous Martial Court trials in which he received an acquittal after a year and a half detention with a number of other MB leaders.

courtesy of

Sautuljihad: It looks like the Egyptian Government`s State Security Services is just the same as 'Internal Security Act' in Malaysia. They`re using this kind of so called 'LEGAL' actions to capture and detain those whom they believe as `threat to the country' (actually, threat to the existence of the gavernment).. what a coward!! real Losers!!

Lets make Du`a for all of the MB Leaders, May Allah strengthen their Iman in facing all the fitnah and tests and May Allah give victory to the Muslims..Ameen..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dr Sheiykh Fathi Yakan..

I`ve found this vid on Youtube..and felt really sad about the news... i fell in love with Islam and da`wah path because of his book,'Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam'.. (eng version 'To Be A Muslim')..i still remembered my first Usrah with all the Usrahmates (that was 2 years ago) using this book as reference for our Usrah. The book has inspired me to be what i am today, and made me fell in love with Usrah and tarbiyyah ever since the first time i read it. And now, i am using the same book for my Usrah and i would remind my fellow usrahmate about the author who have written the inspiring book. Another inspiring book by Dr Sheikh Fathi Yakan, a MUST READ “Mengapa Saya Berintima’ dengan Islam?".

From the video, Dr Fathi Yakan is commenting about Allah`s promise that Islam shall win once again, even though he was 76 years old but he still istiqamah with da`wah path, continue to inspire the Ummah with his words, wisdom and deliver 'ilm and da`wah until the end of his life..Subhanallah.. May Allah bless AlMarhum Dr Fathi Yakan and grant him Jannatul Firdaus, and may he arise among the righteous and those favored by Allah, Ya Allah May the true Islam reign!..Ameen.. aL-Fatihah.. :-(

Speech by Fathi Yakan of the Lebanese Islamic Action Front where he speaks about the latest Israel-Lebanese war, broadcoast on the Lebanese Al-Manar TV channel October 2006

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Southern Thailand Crisis - Asimilasi 'Kesiaman'

Isu kekejaman di Selatan Thailand sebenarnya bukanlah isu terpencil. Di mana-mana, di seluruh dunia berlaku kekejaman yang seruapa, cuma mungkin dalam bentuk yang sedikit berbeza. Bukan secara kebetulan, mangsa pergolakan di dunia ini adalah Umat Islam. Bermula tahun 2003, pelancaran perang secara besar-besaran terhadap umat Islam telah dimulakan oleh Amerika dan sekutunya Eropah, ke atas negara Umat Islam. Bermula dengan perang ke atas Iraq, Afghanistan sehinggalah ke hari ini, label pengganas sudah semakin sebati dengan Umat Islam.

Jika diperhati dengan teliti, isu keganasan di Peshawar, Selatan Thailand, Filipina, dan yang paling teruk di Palestin, memperlihatkan Umat Islam sebagai pengganas dan "diganasi". Kerakusan pemerintah memperlakukan Umat Islam sedemikian rupa disokong pula dengan kempen "Anti-Terrorist" tajaan Amerika dan sekutu, perasmian kempen ini pula bermula sejurus selepas peristiwa September 11.

Jika merujuk kepada sejarah, pemberontakan Umat Islam di Selatan Thailand ini dikaitkan dengan sejarah Perjanjian Anglo Siam 1909 yang telah membahagikan Negeri Melayu di Utara. Wilayah Selatan Thai yang terdiri daripada Pattani, Narathiwat, dan Yala pada asalnya adalah sebahagian daripada Tanah Melayu tetapi telah diserahkan oleh British kepada negara Thai menerusi perjanjian Bangkok 1909.

Diskriminasi pihak kerajaan juga usaha untuk mengasimilasikan penduduk selatan Thai dengan adat dan budaya Thai yang menganut Agama Buddha telah menimbulkan reaksi kurang senang oleh Umat Islam Selatan Thai. Semua penduduk dilarang berbahasa dengan selain daripada Bahasa Siam, serta mengurangkan pendidikan agama Islam menerusi ancaman yang mereka kenakan terhadap guru-guru Agama Islam di sana.

Kekejaman demi kekejaman dilakukan ke atas umat Islam, malah kesalahan itu dituding pula kepada Umat Islam. Umat Islam sering dianggap bersalah kerana terlalu vokal menyatakan bantahan dan pembelaan ke atas nasib saudaranya sendiri.

Sehingga kini lebih 3700 nyawa umat Islam Selatan Thai telah menjadi korban. Separuh daripada jumlah itu adalah guru-guru dan imam-imam yang sentiasa diburu oleh kerajaan siam.

This article was taken from ''

A recent attack at Masjid Al-Furqan Kg Air Tempayan, Mukim Cho Ai rong Narthiwat. 12 people syahid in the Mosque.

Tak Bai Tragedy 25 Oct 2004

Bodies killed by gun found on the ground: 6 persons
Killed in the evening during the transportation to the military camp in Pattani: 78 persons
Died in the hospital: 1 person
Pushed into the river and killed: c:a 35 persons
Bodies found in the river 29 oct 2004: 18 persons
Under Thai military custody: 1,298 persons
Injured: 730 persons
Missing: 255 persons

A Du`a For My Ummah
"Ya Allah, Ya Karim, Please have Mercy on me.Ya Allah, Ya Karim, Please forgive me
for the sins I committed in the past and those I will commit in the future. Ya Allah,
have Mercy on all the Muslimeen,and guide them. Ya Allah,Please spark the love of Islam in my heart and in the hearts of every single Muslim until it gets implanted in their children and their children's children and so on...
Ya Allah,Please Please Please help the suffering Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya,Bosnia, Gujarat, Nigeria,Iraq, Afghanistan,Thailand and everywhere around the world.Please Ya Allah, make the Mujahideen victorious,and let the beauty of Islam reign! Ya Allah, Give victory to the Muslims! Ya Allah, Please let True Islam reign!
Ya Allah, Please increase our knowledge of Your Deen and this world.Ya Allah, Please Help us all and guide us, for You are Everything to us. Ameen Ya Rab"... :-(


Friday, June 12, 2009

Illegal Attacks – Ian Brown feat Sinead O’Connor and Sway DaSafo.

I found this video on Youtube, though it is an old track from Ian Brown album ‘The World is Yours’ released in December 2007. The first time I heard this song is in 2007, a sister from Islamic Emirate sent this song to me, I found that the lyric in this song is very enlightening, provoking the world political issues and dealing with the truth behind hidden agenda of the wars (War Against Terrorism initiated by USA in 2003). This song contains powerful message of what are the motives behind War Against Terror founded by USA and its allies.. this vid is actually a remix of the original song 'Illegal Attacks' this version is the remix plus rap by Ghanaian-British rapper Sway DaSafo, and was given a new title 'Illegal Attacks plus Soldier Story Remix-Ian Brown feat Sway DaSafo'.. i praise Sway Da Safo for an excellent rap lines about a soldier`s life in the battlefield (you`re da man!)..ok, let`s hear the song and ponder the lyrics...ops, this song contains some uncensored words, but let`s just ponder the powerful message behind this song.. (i heard last year that Ian Brown has converted to Islam.. Subhanallah.. Ian Brown is an English Musician and was the former lead singer of an Indie and alternative rock band 'The Stone Roses')

Illegal Attacks

So what the f... is this UK
Gunnin' with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afganistan

Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
Fail to drops it's bombs from the sky?

How many mothers to cry?
How many sons have to die?
How many missions left to fly over Palestine?
'Cause as a matter of facts
It's a pact, it's an act
These are illegal Attacks
So bring the soldiers back
These are illegal attacks
It's contracts for contacts
I'm singing concrete facts
So bring the soldiers back

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

So tell me just how come were the Taliban
Sat burning incense in Texas
Roaming round in a Lexus
Sittin' on six billion oils drums
Down with the Dow Jones
Up on the Nasdaq
Pushed into the war zones

It's a commercial crusade
'Cause all the oil men get paid
But only so many soldiers come home
It's a commando crusade
A military charade
And only so many soldiers come home

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

Soldiers, soldiers come home
Soldiers come home

Through all the blood and sweat
Nobody can forget
It ain't the size of the dog in the fight
It's the size of the fight in the dog on the day
Or the night
There's no time to reflect
On the threat, the situation, the bark nor the bite
These are commercial crusades
'Cause all the oil men get paid
These are commando crusades
Commando tactical rape
And from the streets of New York and
Baghdad to Tahran and Tel Aviv
Bring forth the prophets of the Lord
From dirty bast**** fillin' pockets
With the profits of greed

These are commercial crusades
Commando tactical raids
Playin' military charades to get paid

And who got the devils?
And who got the Lords?
Build yourself a mountain
Drink up in the fountain
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

Ever since United States of America has started its campaigns of ‘War Against Terror’ in 2003, its allies, some of the countries had join forces to support this campaign including United Kingdom, sending its troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. The countries and its people were pushed into never ending wars and we have no idea the physical and emotional calamities that the soldiers have gone through, I have read the news that some of the soldiers had suffered from various psychological illnesses after went back from war zones, some of them even commit suicide. The effects of war are not a size of a ‘dog in a fight’. The effects are more than we can even think of. That was on the behalf of the soldiers, how about the people of the countries who are severely affected by the illegal attacks? being bombed, crude and brutally murdered, lost their loved ones, suffer economic deprivation, lack of facilities etc etc… ?

As the song continue….’ It's a commercial crusade, 'Cause all the oil men get paid’ which shows that the campaigns were not about to eradicate the Talibans, Al-Qaida Network or international Terrorist Organization but just mere military charade campaigns, more like an oil robbery to boost up the Western countries economy, in the name of War on Terror..

"What mean ya that you beat my people?.....And grind the faces of the poor?"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fiesta Al Amin 2009

I`ve seen the advertisement about the Fiesta Al-Amin Bangi on the notice board recently... It`s been told that every Clubs and Societies must do an exhibition about the flow of activities organized (the Director of the Fiesta says that the exhibition was COMPULSORY!!) .. and i am thinking hard about what to exhibit for the English Language`s my first time of handling a society, and i think that the activities are getting quite monotonous and boring (they said that it involves a lot of activities with papers, so it`s boring).....wokey.. time to revive English Language Society!!..

erm, reminiscing back about the co-curricular activities back in my school years, (actually i always play truant when the co-curricular activities were being held, it`s always on Saturdays..and urgghh my favourite cartoon 'Dragonballz is on Saturday, it just something that i cannot miss!! hehehe ..but that was five years ago where the co-curricular activities are not being stress).. who knows that one day i`m going to be a teacher and an advisor of a Society, eh? ..

okeh, back to the Fiesta that will be held on this coming June 17th-20th, the advertisement says that you can set up a stall for private legal business (take note: LEGAL business only!! if you`re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, this is your chance to practice your entrepreneurship skills!! go, grab the chance!) .. and now, i`m thinking about partnership with Muallimah Ayu to set up our own business (we`ve been planning about what to sell). . ok, if you want to book a stall, or want to get further information about the Fiesta, please contact Ahmad Faiz (0133325744), Nasreen Diana (0192719742) or e-mail ...(tolong promote

Can`t hardly wait for the coming Fiesta, hopefully everything goes well with the blessing of Allah ...Amin..